The Air Aventures fleet consists of one Rans Coyotte S6 and three FK9s.

Our ULAs


The Coyote is an ultralight aircraft manufactured in the United States for 27 years! Over 1,700 aircraft have been manufactured.The Coyote is a very solid aircraft that flies in over 50 countries. Some have traveled 26,000 km in 76 days to connect southern Australia to Belgium.

Air Aventures uses its Coyote primarily for instruction, its reliability and ease of piloting make it a very good learning tool.

Our ULAs

FK 9

The FK9 is a new generation aircraft, the fuselage and wings are in composite combining strength and low weight. The cabin is protected by a metal structure. Comfortable little noisy, it is suitable for long journeys, it is equipped with very efficient high-lift flaps allowing short landings. Its high wings, set back shrouds and large windows provide great visibility.

Our ULM are equipped with parachutes that greatly increase structural safety and 80hp Rotax renowned for their reliability and low power consumption (a gesture for the planet). All these qualities make it ideal for fly and enjoy the meeting.

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