The Spirit of Air-Aventures

Experience & Safety

Air-Aventures is first and foremost experienced pilots who will be happy to share with you their passions for flight and Reunion Island.

Flight safety is a priority for them and the prerequisite for you to enjoy 200% of those magical moments in the sky Reunion. You will fly aboard a Rans S6 (Coyote) or FK9 (professionnal) secure and equipped with structural emergency parachutes (designed to support all « device + driver + passenger »).

All our pilots are in possession of an aviation medical examination (Class 1 or Class 2) which is, however, not required for the practice of ULM.
Their knowledge of the island, its geology, its wildlife and its various features, you will find the meeting from a different angle!

Flying over Reunion Island is one of the leisure activities you should not miss during your stay.

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