The flight school

Learning to fly, an accessible dream! To get your license and be able to fly autonomously, you will pass two exams:

  • The theory  :

This is a multiple-choice exam (40 questions), including on flight mechanics, regulations, meteorology and navigation …
This knowledge is acquired through a specialized manual and theoretical support from our instructors.

  • The Practice

It takes about 20 to 30 hours of flight with one of our instructors to get your microlight pilot. Price per hour of flight instruction: € 130. Each flight lasts about 40 minutes. Your instructor will teach you all the piloting and safety techniques to make you an autonomous and responsible pilot. We will train you to aeronautical phraseology in order to deliver you the qualification of « radio in French »

The Pilot School

Learn to fly!

Learning to fly is accessible to everyone today. Take advantage of the talents of our experienced instructors, and become a pilot yourself!

The Pilot School

Need an additional qualification?

Once your certificate is in your pocket and after a few hours of solo flight, you will be able to pass your « passenger carry » qualification which will allow you to take someone aboard your ULM. You can then hire a microlight to fly freely in the sky Reunion.

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